Grants & Awards


2024-2025AKS Korean Studies Grant, "Exploring Learner and Educator Perceptions of AI Chatbots as Language-Learning Partners: A Focus on Spoken Korean Practice”The Academy of Korean Studies$12,150 USD
2021-2022AKS Korean Studies Grant, "Investigating the impact of audiovisual perceptual training on the acquisition of Korean sounds by second language learners"The Academy of Korean Studies$8,000 USD
2020-2025SSHRC Insight Grant, “Speech rate variation and sound change: from today’s variation to tomorrow’s innovation”
(Principle Investigator: Yoonjung Kang , Co-Collaborators: Manami Hirayama, Suyeon Yun, Na-Young Ryu)
The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada$165,059 CAD
2020-2023Seed Program for Korean Studies, “The Promotion of Research and Education in Korean Studies at Pennsylvania State University”
(Project Director: Jooyeon Rhee, Co-researchers: Susan Strauss, Lan Kim, Inkyu Kang, Na-Young Ryu)
The Academy of Korean Studies 159,000,000 KRW
2020LCTL Grant for Less Commonly Taught Language Pedagogical WorkshopThe Center for Language Teaching Advancement, Michigan State University$1,000 USD
2016-2019SSHRC Institutional Grant for Experiment Participants and Conference Travel CostsDepartment of Linguistics, University of Toronto$2,770 CAD
2017AKS Korean Studies Grant, “Acquisition of Korean vowels and nasal codas by Mandarin and English learners of Korean”The Academy of Korean Studies$5,100 USD

Awards & Fellowships

2021지능형 교육지원 시스템 개발을 위한 교과별 데이터 정의 및 분석 방안 연구AI-based Education Research Center, Seoul National University₩2,000,000 KRW
2021AKS Fellowship, “Comparison of audiovisual and auditory-only perceptual training on the perception and production of Korean sounds by second language learners of Korean"The Academy of Korean Studies₩6,000,000 KRW & Round-trip flight
2019CSK Conference Travel Support AwardCenter for the Study of Korea at the Asian Institute, University of Toronto$500 CAD
2019IPA Student Paper Award, “Web-based high variability phonetic training on L2 coda identification”International Phonetic Association£600 GBP
2018-2019SSHRC Doctoral Award, “L1 background and the role of universals in L2 acquisition”The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada$20,000 CAD
2018AATK Excellent Student Paper Award, “Effects of L1 transfer and L2 experience on perception of Korean vowels”American Association of Teachers of Korean
2018B. Elan Dresher PhD ScholarshipDepartment of Linguistics, University of Toronto$4,000 CAD
2017AATK Graduate Student Travel AwardAmerican Association of Teachers of Korean$500 USD
2014-2018Four Year Doctoral FellowshipDepartment of Linguistics, University of Toronto$68,000 CAD
2011Graduate Research AwardHankuk University of Foreign Studies₩500,000 KRW
2010-2012Doctoral FellowshipKorean APRO Financial Foundation₩20,000,000 KRW
2009-2010Humanities Graduate Research FellowshipNational Research Foundation of Korea₩10,000,000 KRW
2008-2009Graduate FellowshipHankuk University of Foreign Studies₩1,500,000 KRW