This page demonstrates how to build online experiments using jsPsych. jsPsych is a JavaScript library for running behavioral experiments in a web browser. It contains a core library, which serves as the engine to run experiments, and a set of plugins, each of which defines the kind of tasks that subjects perform in experiments. There are two demo experiments in this tutorial: a sociolinguistics task and an identification task.

TaskPurposeDemo experimentSource
Sociolinguistics taskParticipants are asked to listen to a conversation and answer several questions.
Identification taskParticipants are asked to listen to a conversation and identify what they heard between “pa” and “ba” by selecting a corresponding button on their electronic device.
Tutorial materials about online experiments
Creating online experiments using jsPysch: Sociolinguistics and Identification task
How to set up a web server
How to create a new user
How to set up a Filezilla
How to change permissions on data folders
How to link an experiment to MTurk

If you have any questions about these online experiments, please e-mail me at nayoung.ryu@psu.edu

This work was supported by the UTSC Research Competitiveness Fund (awarded to Dr. Yoonjung Kang, 2017). Hyoung Seok Kwon made significant contributions to the design of the demo experiments.

Please cite as
Na-Young Ry. 2018. Online linguistics experiments using jsPsych.